"I really enjoyed the gift as I have had a broken leg and it was a great treat to have a nice meal delivered to my door.  Thanks for providing such a great service." CF

5 ways to give the gift of dinner

Gift certificates are available via our online system or by calling 971-544-7324.


1. Order a subscription in any dollar amount & let the recipient select the serving size, menus & dates, starting at $56 for two weeks of service  https://reservations.dinneratyourdoor.com/


2. Order a specific number of weeks and servings  and let the recipient select the menus and dates, starting at $56 for two weeks of service https://reservations.dinneratyourdoor.com/


3.  Select the delivery dates, meals and servings.  Please select option A under the Order Here page and complete the order form as you are the recipient.  In the Delivery Notes please include your name, email and any gift note you would like us to include. https://reservations.dinneratyourdoor.com/


4. Order a one time meal prepared in disposable containers for just $35 for 2 servings or $70 for 4 servings. https://reservations.dinneratyourdoor.com/


5. Set up a gift fund so many different people can contribute separately.  Please email orders@dinneratyourdoor.com the following information to activate the fund. 

       Family name of gift recipient

       Delivery address

       Date in which you want the first notification send to the recipient.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!