winter menu 2011

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Entree Options

Layered Chicken Verde GF

white beans, cumin chicken layered with green chili verde sauce

Available as Vegetarian with fajita veggies


Cous Cous Spiced Veggies V

Medley of spiced beans and vegetables over Cous Cous


Seasonal Penne V

Winter veggie whole wheat penne, lightly tossed with a olive oil and fire roasted tomatoes


Hearty Chicken Gumbo GF

Brown rice, greens, chicken sausage in a gumbo stew

Available as Vegetarian


Sheppard’s Pie GF

Turkey and vegetable pie covered in a polenta crust


White Bean Chicken Chili GF

Flavorful and filling, with a dash of spice and cheese



Salad Options

all options are GF / V

Mixed greens with carrots and cucumbers

Spinach with feta and raisins

Romaine with mushrooms and Parmesan


All salads served with seasonal house cranberry vinaigrette


Side Options

all options are GF / V

Roasted cauliflower with Parmesan

Steamed string beans with lemon and almonds

Roasted root vegetables


Small Belly Options (12 and under)

Chicken, rice and beans GF

Penne with red sauce and cheese V

Cheesy bean and rice cheese burrito V

Small Belly certified mild cheesy chicken chili GF


GF indicates gluten free option

V indicates vegetarian option

Gluten Free Foods in Portland

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