"Why did I wait so long to do this??? I work 10 hours a day 6 days a week. Opening your fresh salad (I LOVE SALAD) and seeing and smelling your food for the first time, made me feel like those long days are worth it. Thank you for taking those 2 days out of my week that I would spend making sure I home cooked and ate a home made meal, and in turn give me the time to breathe, relax and still eat well. You are awesome!! I appreciate this so much!" GC

"Your food was so good and the service so exemplary." LW

"I like how easy everything is with your dishes and the bag and the fact that you drop things off in the morning and we can spread things over several days - works well for our busy schedules!" MC

"Thank you it was wonderful to not have to prepare a meal." JF

"Your meals are delicious and a big help each week." TD

"Thank you sooooo much Margot for the yummy dinner!  It was all I had hoped for and we can’t wait until next week!" KR

"...As a busy young professional, your service is a no-brainer.   Economically superior and a nice weekly change-up to the perpetual dining out cycle.  Looking forward to trying all entree options!"  -  JB

"Thank you for a great dinner.  It accomplished the goal of eating together as a family, and we all enjoyed it."  - JP

 "I'm loving your meals. They are great, convenient, and perfect portion size!"  - AG
"...DAYD is a lifesaver. It's particularly great if you work long hours. The company will literally deliver a different meal (main course, salad, side, dessert) to your door. You don't have to wash any dishes, just leave them out and DAYD returns another set of meals....and the food is excellent!"  - EJ

"I really look forward to Wednesday---my kids are difficult eaters but my daughter actually enjoyed our meal. Thanks!" - BH

"I don't know what I will do (with out dinner at your door.) I have really enjoyed taking one thing off my "plate" these past few weeks." - AK

"I love that your food involves lots of great flavors from herbs and spices, vegetables, more variety and chopping than I am ever able to do during the week."  - JD

"Dinner tonight was delicious!  The lasagna and chicken dishes were both big hits! Thank you for making my Wednesday so much better." - BH

"I look forward to the delicious meal all day!" - AB

"The convenience is awesome!" - MB

"Beautiful and thoughtful presentation. Wonderful and tasty." - JD

"Yummy. My family thought the meal was outstanding...once again, dessert was TOO good!" - RH

"It is so fun coming home and finding dinner waiting!" - AM

"The idea and concept it fabulous!" - BG